Vireo Growth Inc. Leadership

Vireo Growth Inc.’s team of more than 500 employees, led by physicians, scientists, engineers, and cultivation experts, is focused on efficiency and the creation of best-in-class products while driving scientific innovation and developing meaningful intellectual property.

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Kyle Kingsley, M.D. – Founder & Executive Chairman

Kyle Kingsley, M.D., is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Vireo Growth Inc. Dr. Kingsley is a former emergency medicine physician and oversaw the implementation of the Vireo Health System in Minnesota and New York with the construction of state-of-the-art greenhouse facilities, twelve medical cannabis dispensaries, and the Company’s pharmaceutical and patient care center models. Dr. Kingsley is co-author of the book “Medical Cannabis Primer for Healthcare Providers,” written to elucidate objective medical cannabis knowledge in the medical community. Dr. Kingsley’s solitary goal is to make Vireo Growth Inc. the safest, most reliable, and compassionate choice for the patients in all of the States in which the Company operates.

Josh Rosen – CEO & Interim CFO of Vireo Growth Inc.

Josh Rosen is the CEO of Vireo Growth Inc. and has been a member of the Company’s board of directors since August 2021. Mr. Rosen is also a Managing Partner of Bengal Capital, a cannabis investment and advisory firm. Additionally, he was a director of 4Front Ventures Corporation, which he co-founded and served as Executive Chairman and CEO. Mr. Rosen has held positions at Credit Suisse, ABN AMRO Bank N.V., and is on the Board of Managers of Ninety Plus Coffee, LLC.  

CMO Harris Rabin
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Amber Shimpa – President of Vireo Growth Inc. and CEO of Vireo Health of Minnesota

Amber Shimpa serves as President of Vireo Growth Inc. and CEO of subsidiary Vireo Health of Minnesota. Ms. Shimpa has been with the Company since 2014, initially as CFO and later as Chief Administrative Officer, before being promoted to Company President in 2023. Ms. Shimpa also spearheads Vireo’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and Diversity and Inclusion programs, and serves as Corporate Secretary.